Male Equality  
Sunday, 21 January 2018
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Male Equality
Welcome to Male Equality and all it's inhabitants, resources, information, and whatever else that is contained herein.

So what is this website about?

Male: Pertaining to the male sex of hominid’s, generally referred to as men, man, and/or boy.

Equality: Being equal or having sameness.

So mostly this site is about males and the inequality that they face for being male. One would think that males already have equality given all the women’s rights and other movements to make females equal. But I'm sure there are many males out there that disagree that they have the same equality as females.

Why not "Mens Rights?"

I thought about using "Mens Rights" but it's not actually about rights, most males already have the right to do a lot of what they want. But, in many aspects they are not equal in being able to do the same things as Females are able to do. So even though a male may have the right to do it, he is usually not equal in actually being able to do it. As such there are no laws or anything to help males become equal, but given the amount of bigotry some face, you would think there would be laws to prevent this.

Why  "Male" instead of "Men/Man" or "Boy"

Male is used instead of men/man or boys as it encompass's the entire scope of the male race indeferential of age.

On this website one can find the numerous discrepancies that males face in their life. And hopefully others will find it a place to share their experiences both positive and negative and hopefully will help others who face similar situations.

Male Equality
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